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Key Accounts Manager Overview

Key understands the importance of providing you with clear, easy to follow steps to set up your sub-accounts. The Key Account Manager (KAM) solution segregates client escrow funds into separate sub-accounts, each clearly identified by a unique account number, as well as your social security number or taxpayer ID number. Each sub-account is also linked to a single master account for disbursements.

Easy to follow steps to set up your sub-accounts

To further simply the process, you will receive a monthly summary report via KeyNavigator, our 24-hour internet based delivery channel. This report clearly describes all sub-account transaction activity and delivers the detail you need to reconcile efficiently and accurately.

You will also be mailed 1099s for sub-accounts with an accrued interest of $10 or more per year. Key Accounts Manager is backed by a dedicated support team, so you will have access to the answers you need, leaving any guesswork behind.

With Key Accounts Manager, you will also enjoy the convenience of spending less time on bookkeeping and paperwork, while you enjoy the added value of earning a competitive money market rate of interest on all of your sub-account balances.

1.1 Industry and State Availability

Key Accounts Manager is available only for use in specific industries and for specific purposes.

Key Accounts Manager specific industries

Based on state laws and regulations, Key Accounts Manager can only be offered in certain states. The following grid shows Key Accounts Manager Version availability by state.

Key Accounts Manager certain states

*Contact your Payments Advisor for availability.

1.2 Support

The Key Accounts Manager Support Team is available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET. The Key Accounts Manager Support Team is not available on weekends or federal holidays. The Key Accounts Manager Support team can provide communications to you through secure e-mail or by phone.

  • Phone: 800-361-4031
  • Secure Email:
  • Mailing Address:
    • KeyBank Key Accounts Manager
      OH 01-51-2005
      PO Box 5598
      Cleveland, OH 44101-5998

Issues related to the usability of the Key Accounts Manager module on KeyNavigator will be handled through online alerts within the application.