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Sub-Account Set-up

To submit a request for a new sub-account, you must complete a new set-up template in Microsoft Excel (see screenshot of form in Appendix A). Be sure to complete all required fields, as indicated in section 2.1, Set-up Fields.

  • If any requests cannot be processed, you will be contacted by the Key Accounts Manager Support Team
  • Revisions to sub-accounts should be submitted on a new template
  • New sub-accounts opened on the last business day of the month will appear on the next month’s Key Accounts Manager report.

2.1 Set-up Fields

  • Date mm/dd/yy: Date you prepared the sub-account request
  • Prepared by: Your name or the name of the person who completed the template
  • Telephone Number: Your phone number or the phone number of the person who completed the template
  • Master/Client Name: Name of the organization, which must be the same as the name on the Master Account
  • Master Account Number: Your master checking account number
  • Group Number: The group number assigned to you by the Key Accounts Manager Support Team and provided to you when your account was opened.
  • Division: An optional field you may use for identification purposes
  • Unit Number: An optional field you can define that can contain miscellaneous information
  • Sub-Account Name: Sub-account holder’s name (individual or business)
  • Title Line 2: Additional titling for a sub-account holder
  • Sub-Account Deposit Amount: An optional field indicating the amount of the first deposit. If you are performing prefunding, you will use this field.
  • Rental Security Pet, Garage, or Other Deposit Flag: An optional field that identifies the presence of additional fees. Enter P, G, O, or leave this field blank.
  • New York Rental Security Year End Interest: for New York Rental Security only, enter A (C is not available)
  • Sub-Account SSN/EIN/TIN: The tax identification number of the sub-account funds owner
  • Sub-Account U.S. Citizen: Enter ‘Y’ if the sub-account funds owner is an individual, otherwise enter ‘N’.
  • Tax ID Indicator: Enter 0 if the sub-account funds owner is an individual, otherwise enter 1 to indicate a business
  • Pre-Need Only Irrevocable Trust Flag: For Funeral Pre-Need only, enter ‘Y’ if the sub-account is an irrevocable trust, otherwise enter ‘N’
  • Non-Profit and Life-Care Only Sub-Account Date of Birth mm/dd/yy: The date of birth of the sub-account holder
  • Additional Space for Foreign Address: An optional field to include additional foreign address information
  • City: The city of the street address
  • State, Possession, or Canadian Province Code: The state of the street address
  • Zip Code: The zip code of the street address
  • KeyBank Use Only: Country Code, leave this field blank