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Key understands how important it is to provide you with clear, easy to follow reports for your treasury functions. Key Accounts Manager enables you to have a sub-accounting service that manages escrow deposits by linking multiple interest bearing sub-accounts to a single master funding account.

Key Accounts Manager provides comprehensive sub-account information at your fingertips. Reports can be viewed online, using KeyNavigator's Key Accounts Manager module.

3.1 Available Reports

The following reports are available through Key Accounts Manager on KeyNavigator:

3.2 Understanding Your Key Accounts Manager Reports

Key Accounts Manager reports are organized in up to five sections. Your report may not contain all five sections. These sections are:

  • Section I: Division Closed Sub-Account Detail
  • Section II: Division Year to Date Closed Sub-account Summary
  • Section III: Division Open Sub-Account Summary
  • Section IV: Division Year to Date Open Sub Account Summary
  • Section V: Master Closed and Open Year to Date Summary


The Division Number in the report header on each page identifies the section you are viewing.

  1. Report Number: (For bank use)
  2. Bank ID: (For bank use)
  3. Report Title: Name of report, time period covered, client name and address
  4. Run Date: Date the report was produced
  5. Eff. Date: Date the report is “as of” (effective date)
  6. Master DDA Number: Key Accounts Manager master account number
  7. Client Number: Bank assigned number to identify the set of sub-accounts associated (a.k.a “group number”). Multiple groups may be associated with the same master account.
  8. Division Number: Optional number you assign of up to six (6) digits for the purpose of segregating sub-accounts within a group to produce subtotals on the report. For closed sub-accounts, the division number is “CLOSED.” If you have not assigned values to open accounts, the division number will be “000000.”

    In Sections I and III, the first line displays monthly values and the second line displays year to date values. The Division Number in the report header on each page identifies the section you are viewing. Accounts in Sections I-IV are sorted by the (optional) unit number field.

    NOTE: If for some reason an account does not reconcile from beginning balance to ending balance, it will be denoted by two asterisks (**). Contact Key Accounts Manager Support if you need more information.

    Sections I and III

    Sections II, IV, and V

  9. Unit Number: Optional value you assign to identify sub accounts of up to seven (7) alphanumeric characters. If you do not assign a value, the unit number will be “0000000.” Sub-accounts are sorted by unit number.
  10. Name: Name of the sub-account funds owner
  11. Sub-Account Number: The account number of the sub account
  12. SPC: (For bank use)
  13. Cust Number: Last four (4) digits of the sub-account funds owners’ Social Security Number or “0000” if certified by W-8BEN
  14. Status: Sub-Account status “ACT” – open sub account; “INA” – closed sub-account. Closed sub-accounts are reported for one (1) year from the date of closure.
  15. Open/Clo Dt: Date the sub-account was opened or closed
  16. Beginning Balance: Prior month ending balance or “0.00” for newly opened accounts
  17. Open Balance: The amount of the first item (i.e. check) deposited to the sub-account. If multiple items are deposited, only the first item will be displayed.
  18. Interest Paid: Amount of interest credited to the sub-account
  19. Management Fee: (not available)
  20. Withholding: Bank will withhold some interest for tax purposes if sub-account funds owner is subject to withholding as indicated on W-9 or W-8BEN.
  21. Other Debits: All debit transactions except Management Fee and Withholding
  22. Other Credits: All credit transactions except Interest Paid
  23. Ending Balance: Beginning Balance + Other Credits + Interest Paid – Withholding – Management Fee – Other Debits
  24. Month: Month
  25. Active Accounts: Count of open sub-accounts
  26. Inactive Accounts: Count of closed sub-accounts. Closed sub-accounts are reported for one (1) year from the date of closure.
  27. Division / Master Account Totals: Year to Date totals

3.3 Understanding Life-Care and Non-Profit Reports

The Daily and Monthly Life-Care Activity reports display all transactions in sub-accounts, including incoming deposits and amounts automatically transferred to the master account, residual funds (allowances), and the maximum amount that can remain in the sub-accounts. Activity for each of your locations appears together, with totals for all locations displayed at the end of the report.

The Life-Care/Non-Profit Standing Transfer Activity report is generated twice a month when Social Security payments are received in the sub-accounts (generally on the 4th and 15th days of the month). Deposits are grouped together and totaled by location.


  1. Report Number: (For bank use)
  2. Report Title: Name of the report
  3. Run Date: Date the report was produced
  4. Bank Name: (For bank use)
  5. Group Number: Bank assigned number ot identify the set of sub-accounts associated
  6. Name: Client or Facility Name
  7. Account: Master account number


  8. Recipient Name: Sub-Account funds holder (beneficiary)
  9. Individual ID #: SSA/SSI claim number
  10. Account Number: Sub-Account number
  11. Date: Effective date of the transfer
  12. Payment Amt.: Amount of payment received
  13. Transfer Amt.: Amount that was automatically transferred by the Bank to the master account
  14. Recip Amt.: Amount of funds remaining in the sub-account to be used as a personal allowance by the funds owner. This amount is determined by the facility and Social Security Administration.
  15. Targ Alw: Maximum balance that may remain in the sub-account
  16. Group Total Amounts: Summary amounts for the group.
  17. Number of Transfers: Summary count for the group / facility
  18. Nursing Home Total Amounts: Summary amounts for the facility (all groups)

    Standard Transfer Activity

  19. Participant Name: Sub-Account funds owner
  20. Effective Date: Effective date of received payment and automatic transfer to the master account.
  21. From Account: Sub-Account number
  22. To Account: Master account number or alternate account number (if requested)
  23. Group Total: Summaries for the group
  24. Nursing Home Total: Summaries for the facility (all groups)