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Section 7

Batch Wire File

Batch wire initiation allows for the sending of a file via direct transmission or through uploading via web based file transfer on KeyNavigator. You can consolidate wire transfer requests into a single, standardized batch wire format. Batches can contain multiple wire types including domestic, international, internal, and drawdowns. Wires can be repetitive or non-repetitive.

Transmission channels are available 24 hours a day; files, however, must be transmitted prior to 5:30 p.m. ET to ensure same-day processing. Remember that there are multiple required regulatory reviews (OFAC, AML, etc.) that wires must pass before they are released.

Please consult the Transmission Toolkit for details on the batch wire file format specifications.

If you are currently using the batch wire transmission process, Key highly recommends you maintain access to KeyNavigator and/or phone PINS as an industry best practice.