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Not all debt is equal. Some kinds can help you, while others will only make life harder. And it varies from person to person.

Good Debt1

Think of good debt as debt that can pay you back. It’s borrowed money that fits into a budget, helps you reach a goal and builds wealth over time.


  • Student loans with low interest and affordable payments
  • Small business loans that finance long-term goals
  • A mortgage with an affordable payment

Bad Debt1

Think of bad debt as debt that does little to help you. It’s borrowed money that strains your budget, creates unaffordable payments and doesn’t help your finances long-term.


  • Frivolous credit card purchases
  • Loans with unaffordable payments
  • Loans for purchases that lose value over time

Net Worth

This is a way of knowing your good to bad debt ratio. To find yours, subtract the value of your liabilities from your assets.


  • Assets are what you own (houses, cars, stocks, savings accounts)2
  • Liabilities are what you owe. This can be good and bad debt (think credit card debt or a mortgage)3

Worried about debt?

Find out if debt consolidation is right for you.

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