Acceptance of Agreement and Signature

When you click the "Accept" button below, it constitutes your written signature and approval of, and intent to be bound by the terms of this Electronic Records Disclosure Agreement and to your consent to receive the resulting Certificate of Deposit account opening disclosures online for this new Certificate of Deposit. These electronic disclosures will be presented before you submit your Change CD Options selections.


In connection with the new Certificate of Deposit account and as a result of the changes designated by you during the Change CD Option process, the related agreements and disclosures ("Electronic Records") provided by Key Bank National Association and its affiliates (collectively called "Key") are delivered electronically on this website. Electronic Records may not be generally available on paper or in a non-electronic form from Key, except Key may, at its option, provide Electronic Records in paper-based media if requested by you. However, periodic account statements showing activity in your accounts may be mailed to you at the address designated in your records. You may print Electronic Records from your Internet access device if you have the necessary equipment. You may request a paper copy of any Electronic Record by calling 800-KEY2YOU®. Key may assess you its fees and charges then in effect and published for providing these copies. Your consent to receive the Electronic Records applies to the new Certificate of Deposit account resulting due to the Change CD Options selected during this session only. If you do not consent to the use of Electronic Records, you will be unable to Change your CD Options online. You may withdraw your consent at any time during this session by clicking the "Cancel" button at the bottom of any page during the Change CD Option process. All of your information will be erased and you will be returned to the Certificate of Deposit Account Detail page in the application. By calling Key 800-KEY2YOU® or, for Small Business customers, 888-KEY4BIZ® (539-4249), you may either cancel this consent prior to Key's establishing the new Certificate of Deposit account or cancel this consent anytime after your account is established. If periodic statements are available for this type of Certificate of Deposit and you wish to receive online delivery of periodic account statements, you will need to approve a separate consent for electronic delivery and accept Key's terms and conditions for this supplemental service.

System Requirements

To change your CD options and receive your new Certificate of Deposit disclosures online, you will need an Internet enabled device.

Browser Requirements

In order to provide the strongest available encryption, your browser must be capable of supporting 128-bit SSL communications or higher. Access to this page verifies that your browser meets our standard requirements.


I hereby consent to the use of Electronic Records in connection with changing my CD options and the resulting new Certificate of Deposit requested online at Key. I am consenting to use Electronic Records only for the new Certificate of Deposit account that I choose during this online session. Matured Certificates of Deposit changed after this session will require additional consent. If the account is a joint account, this consent applies to all individuals designated as account parties thereon.

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Last Modified: February 2009