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Trying to save more money to pay your debt faster or reach another financial goal can seem daunting. But what if you could make steady progress toward your goal without missing the money you set aside? Think about all of the trips you make to the supermarket, dry cleaner, pet store, gas station, or your favorite restaurant. Now imagine that every time you spend, you automatically save money, too.

That's exactly what you get with EasyUp® by KeyBank. It's a simple-to-use tool that automatically transfers $1 from your checking account to your savings each time you swipe a debit card that's linked to those accounts. The small daily transfers can add up fast, with the average person putting an extra $300 toward their goal without even thinking about it.

Here's how EasyUp turns small, simple steps into major progress toward accomplishing your financial goals.

Set up Easily, Save Effortlessly

It only takes a couple of minutes to enroll in EasyUp and connect your KeyBank accounts. Once enrolled, you can quickly make adjustments to your EasyUp accounts via the KeyBank website or mobile app. With no monthly fee, EasyUp makes it affordable to save money. And by not having to make those extra savings deposits yourself, or work through budgeting and bill payment spreadsheets to figure out the amount, you'll also save time.

EasyUp is a great way to get started on your journey to pay down your debt and build your savings so that you can do more of what you want with your money. You can use the transferred funds that accumulate to pay more on your credit card bills, or you can apply them to additional payments on a loan.

After using EasyUp for a few months, you'll notice how the small contributions add up with each debit card purchase you make — bringing you even closer to your financial goals.

A Stress-Free Way to Save

Making a commitment to pay your debt faster isn't easy. Sometimes you have every intention of paying more than the minimum, but your money runs short when the due date comes. It's entirely possible that you might worry about whether you can manage your everyday expenses and still be able to accelerate your debt payments. The advantage of EasyUp is that it allows you to save money in small, painless increments, with no special effort on your part. You don't need to fret over how you'll find enough money to increase your debt payments. The money's already been collected and set aside for you.

Talk to a KeyBank advisor about how EasyUp can help you save money and pay your debt, one small step at a time.

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