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Steps for Saving

Steps for Saving

Holiday preparations

Holiday Preparations: How to Make Your Home Ready

With the holiday season upon us, it's a good time to get cracking on your holiday preparations. In addition to fall cleaning, take time to finish repairs and take on home improvement projects before your guests arrive for the holidays. This way, your home will be an inviting place for all to enjoy.

Sep 2017

Steps for Saving

Couple talking with a realtor looking at a house

7 House Buying Tips for Saving Money

Whether you're ready to purchase your first house or are in the market for an upgrade, it's wise to make sure you're taking all the steps necessary to maximize your investment and save money. Use these seven house buying tips to guide and focus your search.

Jul 2017

Steps for Saving

Mother and daughter working at the table

Fun DIY School Supplies to Help You Save

Well before you're ready to say goodbye to summer, school supplies find their way into stores and advertisements. Soon your kids will have a long list of things they need (and want) for the school year ahead. Bigger ticket items like tablets can set you back. But even the costs of smaller items like pencils and notebooks can quickly add up. Looking for ways to save? Have fun with your kids and try these DIY school supplies.

Jul 2017

Steps for Saving

Son cooking dinner with mom

Grown Children Living With Parents: A Guide to Smart Finances

Home can be a safe place to land. But whether it's to save money or bide time before a big geographical or career move, having a grown child move back home brings with it financial considerations that are important to think through. How do both you and your child make the adjustment work? Here's a handy guide to make grown children living with parents a situation that works for everyone financially.

Jul 2017

Steps for Saving

Woman window shopping

What to Buy and When: Shopping Trends to Save Money

No matter what time of year it is, there are always ways to save a buck — if you know what to buy and when. Minding seasonal shopping trends will net savings on different types of items at different times of year. Knowing when manufacturers release new models (and therefore want to clear out the old ones) and when retailers offer discounts to get people into stores can make a huge difference in what you spend on big-ticket items. Here are the best times to buy things, broken down by category.

Jun 2017

Steps for Saving

Man and woman sitting at the kitchen table working on a computer

Keeping the Cost to Remodel a Kitchen Within Your Budget

When it comes to home improvement projects, remodeling a kitchen remains one of the biggest values for dollars spent. The real estate mantra that kitchens sell a home remains true. Still, the cost to remodel a kitchen might cause sticker shock if you don't choose your updates wisely. Here's how to make large and small changes on a budget to create a beautiful and functional heart of your home.

Jun 2017
Couple sitting on the couch together

Cord Cutting Options: The Pros, Cons and Costs of Quitting Cable

The average cost of cable in 2016 came to a whopping $103.10 per month, according to Leichtman Research Group. With a single bill this expensive, it's no wonder millions of people are looking for cord cutting options to fit their situation.

Jun 2017

Steps for Saving

Money Saving Methods: Why Carrying Bigger Bills Will Help You Save

The temptation to spend your hard-earned cash is everywhere, from clearance sales and alerts for megadeals in your inbox to promotions at the trendiest restaurants in town. So how can you stick to your budget?

May 2017
Family eating outside

Backyard Renovation on a Budget

As the days grow longer, you may start to dream about spending summer nights in the backyard with friends. A warm spring weekend may even motivate you to dust off the deck furniture and prep the grill. As you glance over your backyard, you might realize that it's time for a much-needed overhaul of your outdoor living space. From large-scale deck installations to smaller design projects, here are a few tips on how to complete a backyard renovation on a budget.

May 2017

Steps for Saving

Financial Advice for Newlyweds: 5 Ways Being Married Saves You Money

If you're getting married or are recently engaged, you may have already looked into financial advice for newlyweds. And while the common perception — probably for good reason — may be young couples pinching pennies to get by, did you know being married can actually save you money? Here are five pieces of financial advice for newlyweds.

Feb 2017

Steps for Saving

Woman grocery shopping

Grocery Shopping on a Budget: Tips and Tricks

No matter what's on your list, grocery shopping on a budget is hard to do. But with a little planning ahead and creative thinking, you can stretch your food budget farther than you ever imagined. Here are ideas to get you started.

Jan 2017

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