First Time Homebuyer Programs

If you are preparing to buy your first home, KeyBank offers mortgage programs designed to fit your needs. Benefits of these programs include:

  • Low down payment requirements
  • Flexible underwriting standards; This means that the lender will consider non-traditional forms of credit history, such as rent or utility payments, and higher ratios of debt compared to your income
  • Homeowner education courses are available to help you better understand the process of buying a home; They generally cover topics such as budgeting, finding a home, getting a loan, and maintaining a home

KeyBank mortgage programs cover a range of options from traditional fixed rate loans to FHA loan programs. Our mortgage programs include:

Key Community

  • Offered by KeyBank as a way to assist low- to moderate-income borrowers in becoming homeowners
  • Low down payments that can come in the form of a gift, grant, or a secured or unsecured loan
  • Flexible underwriting guidelines
  • Flexible terms
  • Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) is not required
  • Only available in AK, CO, FL, ID, IN, ME, MI, NY, OH, OR, UT, VT, WA

Fixed Rate Mortgage Loan

  • Pre-determined payment and rate remain the same for the term of the loan for easier budgeting
  • Low down payment options and flexible terms

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan (ARM)

  • Initial lower interest rate that may enable you to finance a greater amount or purchase a larger home
  • The initial rate is fixed for the first three, five, seven, or 10 years of the loan. At the end of the initial period, the interest rate and monthly payments may increase

FHA Mortgage Loan

  • Down payment that may be in the form of a gift
  • Primary residence only
  • Fixed rates available

VA Mortgage Loan

  • Available to qualified veterans
  • Generally no down payment required
  • Primary residence only

Other Mortgage Loan Options

  • Jumbo - A mortgage that exceeds conventional loan limits set by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae

We can help you take the next step and make owning a home easier. Dedicated Mortgage Loan Officers are available to help you in person or over the phone, when it's convenient for you. Locate a Loan Officer in your area or call 800-422-2442.