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Use KeyBank Plus® and you can keep more of what's yours. Made for non-account holders, KeyBank Plus charges you a low 1.5% check cashing fee, plus gives you up to five free money orders and more. After all, it shouldn’t cost a chunk of your check just to cash it.


You'd be surprised what can fit inside one of these envelopes.

A tank of gas, groceries for three, laundry night every Tuesday, supplies for a school project, hot water for the whole house, a birthday gift, and a pack of gum at the register, just because.

How does all of that squeeze in there?

KeyBank Plus has check cashing rates as low as 1.5% to help you save money and make room for a little extra.

Benefits and Features

  • No account needed. We’ll cash any approved payroll and government checks even if you have an existing ChexSystems record—just bring one form of photo I.D., like a valid driver’s license, state I.D. card or Matricula Consular.3
  • Free money orders. Get up to five free money orders with every check cashed.
  • Every fifth check is free. Keep more of your money with our low 1.5% check cashing rate, and pay nothing for every fifth check. (Tax refund checks are not counted toward the five.)
  • One-on-one advice from a community banker. Tell us about your money needs. Ask questions. We’ll always give you our best tips and advice.

KeyBank Plus Check Cashing Fees:

Fee Percentage


Minimum Fee


Maximum Fee

$25.00 (No max. for tax refund checks)

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A check-cashing fee of 1.5% of the face value of the check applies. There is a minimum fee of $3.00 and a maximum fee of $25.00, except for tax refund checks which have no maximum fee. Maximum check amount $4,999, other than tax refund checks which have a maximum check amount of $9,999 until April 30 of each year, and a maximum check amount of $5,000 after April 30.


The applicable fee is waived for every fifth check cashed, excluding tax refund checks. See a Key branch office representative for more details.


Other forms of photo I.D. accepted. Check with your KeyBank Plus branch.

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