Mobile Banking FAQs

General Mobile Banking FAQs

Mobile Banking allows you to access your accounts with your mobile device anytime, anywhere. Plus, with Text Banking and Account Alerts, you can make sure you're always up to date. Answers to some frequently asked questions about Mobile Banking are included below. We want you to feel comfortable with the convenience, safety, and technology of Mobile Banking.

How can I enroll in Mobile Banking?

To use Mobile Banking, you simply need to enter your Online Banking credentials. No separate enrollment required. If you’re not already an Online Banking user, you can enroll:

Is Mobile Banking secure?

KeyBank’s Mobile Banking offers the same security and encryption as our Online Banking service. This helps ensure that your Mobile Banking experience with us will be safe and secure. Text messages are not secure, which is why KeyBank will never send your name or account number via text message.

Will I be able to access all of my accounts using Mobile Banking?

KeyBank's Mobile Banking allows you to access all accounts that you currently view within Online Banking. Most accounts are eligible for Text Banking and Alerts. Call 866-798-4109 to learn more.

Is there a fee for Mobile Banking?

KeyBank does not charge a fee to use the mobile app*, mobile web ( or to enroll in text banking. If you use the Mobile Deposit service, based on the type of account you have, there may be a per check (item) deposited fee to make a Mobile Deposit.

In addition, your mobile carrier may charge for internet access and/or text messages.

If I don't have an iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ or Kindle device, can I still use Key's Mobile Banking?

Yes. While our mobile apps are available for iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ or Amazon Kindle devices, all other web-enabled devices can access our mobile Web at

Can I use the Back button in Mobile Banking?

Yes you can, but to ensure that your transactions are submitted correctly, it is recommended that you use the links provided on the page to navigate around the Mobile Banking site.

If I lose my mobile phone, can someone access my Mobile Banking accounts?

Because we require a User ID and password and no information is stored on your mobile device, your information is safe.

If you use Text Banking and/or Alerts, sign on to Online Banking or call 866-798-4109 to suspend or disenroll your phone. As a reminder, your name and account number will never be sent via text message. Contact your mobile carrier immediately if your phone has been lost or stolen.

Mobile Deposit

What is KeyBank's Mobile Deposit service?

Mobile Deposit is a feature of our mobile banking app and is available to our mobile banking clients. It allows you to take a picture of a check and deposit it to a KeyBank personal checking or savings account, all using your mobile phone. This offers convenience and time-savings, bypassing the need to go to the ATM or branch. 

Who can use Mobile Deposit?

You can use Mobile Deposit if you:

Which mobile devices can use Mobile Deposit?

iPhone® or iPad® (iOS 4.3 and higher), Android™ smartphones (2.1 and higher) and Android or Amazon Kindle devices with a rear-facing camera can use Mobile Deposit. Users must have also accepted the latest application update from their respective app store for Mobile Deposit to be available. Some older mobile devices may not work with Mobile Deposit.

Can I take photos of my checks and deposit them later using Mobile Deposit?

No, you cannot upload photos of your checks taken outside of the KeyBank mobile app. You must take the photos of your checks while the app is in use.

What guidelines should be followed when submitting a check for Mobile Deposit?

We recommend you follow these guidelines:

  • Endorse the check with your (the accountholder's) signature and mark it "For KeyBank Mobile Deposit Only".
  • When photographing the back of the check, the endorsement must be on the right side of the picture
  • Be sure to include all four corners of your check; images that are "blurry" cannot be accepted
  • The dollar amount you enter when making the deposit must match the amount on the check

Note: Some checks can be rejected due to poor photo quality, unusual formats, or layout or background features on the check. In these cases, KeyBank reserves the right to reject such Mobile Deposits and cannot be held responsible for its inability to accept a deposit via mobile banking.

What types of items can I deposit?

You may deposit personal or business checks drawn on a U.S. financial institution to a personal checking or savings account. You CANNOT deposit:

  • Savings bonds
  • Travelers checks
  • Foreign items
Are there any fees to use Mobile Deposit?

Depending on the type of account you have with KeyBank, you may be charged $.50 per check (item) deposited. See a list of accounts eligible for mobile deposit at no charge >

Why are there charges for some accounts to use Mobile Deposit?

With Mobile Deposit at KeyBank, we are extending your business day for you to make your deposit. Our traditional ATM and in-branch channels require you to make your deposit by 7:00 p.m. local time in order for your funds to be available the next day. With our Mobile Deposit, you can deposit your items until 11:00 p.m. ET and still have next-day availability. Based on your account type and its associated benefits, the $.50 per check (item) deposited fee may be waived.

When will my deposit be available?

The first $100 of total deposits made by 11:00 p.m. ET on any business day will be available on that day. The rest of the deposited funds will be available the next business day.

The first $100 of total deposits made after 11:00 p.m. ET will be available the next business day and the rest of the deposited funds will be available the following day.

What should I do with my checks after they're deposited with Mobile Deposit?

Checks deposited using your mobile device must be kept for 14 days. After 14 days, validate that the correct amount has been posted to your account and then destroy your check.

How do I know if the deposit was successful?

Deposits are shown in the KeyBank mobile app as you make them and will appear in your deposit history. To confirm that your mobile deposit transactions have been posted to your account, you may review the account detail of the account into which you made your deposit using your monthly statement or by signing on to Online Banking or with the KeyBank mobile app.

Mobile Apps

The application doesn't appear correctly on my mobile device.

Key's mobile banking applications are available for the iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ and Amazon Kindle devices. For other devices, mobile banking can be accessed via

Is there a mobile app for my BlackBerry® smartphone?

Blackberry clients may download the KeyBank mobile app from Blackberry World or use our mobile Web at

Is there a mobile app for my Windows® 8 smartphone?

Windows 8 clients may download the KeyBank mobile app from the Windows Store or use our mobile Web† at

Text Banking & Account Alerts

I recently switched mobile carriers, and now I am not receiving Alerts or responses to my text messages.

If you change mobile carriers but keep your same phone number, we are required to suspend your device. We will need to verify that you are still the owner of the registered phone number. To reactivate your phone, just sign on to Online Banking and select the "Resume" button on the Mobile Settings tab. Or call 866-798-4109 and ask to have your phone unsuspended.

What are the Mobile Text Banking commands?

Send the following text messages to MYKEY (69539) to get information on your accounts:

  • BAL - Balance for all accounts signed up for Mobile Text Banking
  • BAL + Mobile Account Nickname (e.g., BAL chk1) - Balance for that particular account
  • HIST + Mobile Account Nickname (e.g., HIST chk1) - Last 4 transactions
  • MORE - Use this command immediately after a HIST command to receive the next 4 transactions
  • HELP - Use this command if you forget how to use Mobile Text Banking
  • STOP - Use this command to disenroll your device from our Text Banking and Alerts services.

Note: Text messages are not case sensitive, but you must include a space between the command and your account nickname.

In order to use Text Banking and Alerts, you must first activate your phone. You can enroll via Online Banking or by calling 866-798-4109.