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Account Alerts notify you via email or text message of important events occurring on your account.1

Enroll in Online Banking

Already enrolled in Online Banking? Sign on to Online Banking and click on the Self Service tab. Click the Maintain Alerts link and select the alerts you wish to activate or modify.


  • Balance Alerts (e.g., "Available balance is below $ _____.")
  • KeyBank Relationship Rewards® point balance reached** (e.g., "Rewards balance reached_.")
  • Transaction Alerts (e.g., "Total deposit/credit transaction posted greater than $ _____.")
  • Bill Pay Alerts (e.g., "Bill Pay request rejected due to insufficient funds.")
  • Security Alerts (e.g., "Online Banking password has changed.") Note: Security Alerts via email are not optional.
  • "Quiet Times" allows you to set periods when you don't want to be disturbed by Alerts to your mobile device, then receive them when your Quiet Times expires.
  • Alert Suspension lets you temporarily stop receiving Alerts until you’re ready to receive them. Bank-initiated security alerts, however, may not be suspended.


  • Balance Alerts can keep you from overdrawing your account, saving you from insufficient fund charges and fees.
  • You'll know when deposits and credits are posted to your account, making budgeting easier.
  • If a Bill Pay request is rejected due to insufficient funds, you’ll be alerted so you can add funds or make other payment arrangements.
  • Alerts reduce the risk of identity theft and fraud by letting you know when a change has been made to your account.

Quick access to your top questions

Is there a charge to use Bill Pay?

No. Online Banking Bill Pay is free. Bill Pay is a great way to save on postage. If you need to get a payment out ASAP, use our Pay it Faster1 option with same or next business day delivery date.

1 Fees apply.

I need to get a payment there ASAP, can you help?

Our expedited payment option is available for $9.95 with next business day delivery date.  You can expedite your payment by clicking the Pay it faster link after you select the Payee.
Note: Expedited Payments cannot be modified or cancelled.

Will my electronic expedited payment be applied immediately?

Electronic expedited payments are sent immediately. The payment may take up to a day to process, but will be backdated with the date you requested the expedited payment.

Why can't I see or edit my payee's address or phone number?

In some instances, you may not be able to edit the address information as KeyBank may already have a relationship with a payee and have the necessary billing information on file.

How can I make multiple payments at once?

Below your payee list, click on "Want to make more payments at a time?”. By selecting this option, it will become your default view. Note: You can switch back to paying one at a time and changing your default by clicking on “Want to make more payments at a time?“ again.

How do I access the old Bill Pay features like eBills, Bill Pay history, Pay it Faster?

Access the full Bill Pay site by selecting “Pay multiple bills” link in the Pay Bill card. You can also access it in the Manage Payee card via “Advanced Options”.

How do I edit or delete a pending Bill Pay or Transfer?

In Online Banking, upcoming activity is displayed in the account details page of each account. Select the card to edit or delete the payment. Scheduled payments can also be canceled from the Mobile App by selecting the action button and Activity icon. Select the payment you wish to cancel in the Bill Payments menu. Editing or canceling scheduled and recurring transfers set up in the Mobile app will need to be managed through Online Banking.