Enrollment and Sign On

What do I need to enroll in Online Banking?

Enrollment only takes a few minutes and can be completed online or with your mobile device (with the KeyBank mobile app). You will need your Social Security number or Tax ID, your email address, and either your account number or ATM/debit card and PIN. Learn about the benefits of enrolling in Online Banking.

Why am I unable to bring up the sign on or enrollment page for Online Banking?
There could be a few reasons why you are not seeing the page. Please try these tips below:
  • Check to ensure you have met the browser and encryption requirements for Online Banking.
  • Refresh the cache on your browser for Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome. To refresh your cache:
    • In Internet Explorer: Go to "Tools" and select "Internet Options." On the General tab under “Browsing History” click “Delete”. Verify the Cookies option is unchecked and select “Delete”.
    • In Firefox: Go to Tools and select Click “Clear Recent History. Verify cookies are unchecked and select “Clear Now”.
    • In Chrome: Select History under the “wrench” tool at the end of the Address Bar and click “Clear all browsing data”.
  • Try an alternate browser or upgrade your existing browser to the most recent version.
  • Restart your computer.

Still have a problem with Online Banking? Call 800-539-1539.

I received an email alert that my password changed, but I didn't change it. What do I do?

Contact us immediately at 800-539-1539 to report the email.

Account Activity

Why is the amount in "Pending Activity" in Online Banking higher than the amount I signed for when using my debit card?

Some merchants, such as restaurants, hotels, or car rentals may estimate your final bill or add an estimated tip and request authorization for this higher amount. The authorization will reduce your available balance until a final transaction from the merchant is processed (typically 2-3 days).

Example: At a restaurant, an authorization is requested and includes an estimated tip amount. You decide to pay the tip in cash so the final purchase amount will be less than the amount authorized.

How long after I make a deposit do the funds become available?

Our general Funds Availability Policy (Policy) for deposits to all Personal deposit account and specified Business deposit account types described in KeyBank’s Deposit Account Agreement and Funds Availability Policy is to make funds from your cash and all check deposits available to you on the first business day after the day we receive your deposit provided a case-by-case or an exception hold is not placed on a check deposit. For your convenience, Online Banking displays details of the hold. If you have additional questions, please call 800-KEY2YOU (800-539-2968). Direct deposits of electronic payments, such as Social Security benefits and payroll direct deposits are available on the business day that the funds are due to you. Wire transfers received by 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time, cash deposits made in a KeyBank branch and at a KeyBank image ATM are available on the business day of deposit.

The sum of cash, checks, and other items which have been on deposit long enough to be available for withdrawal is called your Available Balance. We make funds from your deposits available to you as described in detail in the Policy by type of deposit. Until funds are available, you will not be able to use them for certain transactions.

To determine when a deposit will be available, the length of the delay is counted in business days beginning with the business day following the day of your deposit. Every day is a business day except Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays. Our business day starts no later than 9:00 a.m. local time. Deposits made after 7:00 p.m. local time on any business day at an automated teller machine ("ATM") owned and operated by us will be considered received by us on the next business day. You can identify ATMs owned and operated by us by the initial screen message. Deposits made using the Mobile Deposit service to an eligible Personal deposit account after 11:00 p.m. Eastern Time on any business day will be considered received by us on the next business day.

How do I stop payment on a check I wrote and is there a fee to do so?

You need to provide the check number, the amount of the check, the date the check was written, and the payee name. You can request a stop payment via Online Banking, by calling 800-KEY2YOU (539-2968), or by going to your local branch. The stop payment will remain in effect for six months. The stop payment fee ranges from $27 to $34 to place a stop on one check or a range of checks in sequence.

When will the funds from a direct deposit be available?

Funds from your direct deposit are completely available to you after 8 a.m. (local time) on the effective date of the deposit. The effective date is created by the person making the direct deposit. In Online Banking, your available balance will be updated with your direct deposit on the effective date and you can view it in Pending Activity.

I have an unauthorized direct withdrawal on my account. What should I do?

Contact KeyBank as early as possible to initiate a dispute. Disputes may be initiated by email via Contact Us in Online Banking, by calling 800-KEY2YOU (539-2968), or by visiting your local branch. You must provide the account number, date of the transaction, the amount, and the merchant/transaction description and will be required to complete and return an affidavit form. We can either mail or fax the form to you. Once we receive your fax number or mailing address, we will initiate a dispute for the direct withdrawal. Your dispute cannot be completed until the signed form has been returned. Within 10 days, we'll notify you of our findings.

Can I set up alerts to notify me about account activity?

Yes, you may select to receive specific email and mobile alerts for specific accounts. If you are not an Online Banking customer, you can sign up for Mobile Alerts and Text Messaging by calling 866-798-4109. If you are a current Online Banking customer, you can also manage your account alert preferences from your account summary page.

Technical Information

Why do I get locked out of Online Banking?

For your security, we may lock your access for any combination of the following:

  • Failed password check
  • Failed to answer security questions correctly
  • Failed computer authentication
  • Extensive use of security questions to gain access
  • Unable to authenticate yourself
What is cache and what are the recommended settings?

Cache is a temporary holding place in your computer memory labeled "temporary internet files." As you visit internet sites, certain pieces of the page, such as graphics, are stored in cache. Your browser looks for pieces of the page that could be stored in cache to be more efficient when loading and re-loading sites you often visit. Due to the real-time nature of Online Banking, certain settings could cause your browser to store old account information from its cache instead of the new information from the site. View recommended settings.

What are the browser requirements and how do I determine my current settings?

Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher and Firefox 2.0  or higher, and Chrome 16.0 or higher are supported. The browser must be set to accept cookies and JavaScript MUST be enabled. Learn more about browser requirements.

What devices are supported with the KeyBank Mobile App?

The KeyBank Mobile App is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch devices running iOS 8.0 or above as well as Android Smartphone devices
running OS 4.4 or above. KeyBank's Online Banking can also be accessed by visiting key.com from a mobile browser.

Why do I keep getting automatically logged off?

Your browser setting may be conflicting with Online Banking. Try the following troubleshooting tips:

  • In Internet Explorer: Go to "Tools" and select "Internet Options." On the General tab under “Browsing History” click “Delete”.    Verify the Cookies option is unchecked and select “Delete”.
  • In Firefox: Go to Tools and select Click “Clear Recent History.  Verify cookies are unchecked and select “Clear Now”.
  • In Chrome: Select History under the “wrench” tool at the end of the Address Bar and click “Clear all browsing data”.

Online Banking Security

Is Online Banking secure?

KeyBank takes information security seriously and is committed to protecting your personal financial information. Learn what KeyBank is doing to enforce Online Banking security.

How can I protect myself from email fraud?

Education is the best defense. Know that KeyBank will never ask for private information via an email. Learn more about email and Internet-related fraud.

Viewing Account Information

Can I view both my personal and business accounts online at the same time?

Yes, if you are a sole proprietor using the same SSN/TIN for both personal and business accounts. If you have different SSN/TINs, contact Customer Service at 800-539-1539 for additional options.

What information is available for credit cards online?

Additional credit card details are located within our Online Banking website. Improvements include:

  • Account balance information, payment amount and due date
  • Account alerts
  • Online credit card statements
  • Transaction details, plus the ability to download transaction history
  • Payment options, which include same-day payments from a transfer or bill pay, the ability to make a payment from a non-KeyBank account and establishing AutoPay
  • Request a balance transfer for lower interest rate or to consolidate debt

For technical questions regarding Online Banking, please call 800-539-1539.

Should I keep a ledger if I use Online Banking?

Online Banking is a convenient way to view your KeyBank accounts and perform many activities. However, keep in mind it is a tool to use in conjunction with your own ledger. Transaction balances may not reflect your available balance and should not be used when considering future transactions. Transaction balances represent the balance after cleared activity has posted to your account. The displayed balance will not include outstanding checks or pending activity.

Does KeyBank offer Mobile Banking?

Yes, KeyBank offers a mobile app for iPhone®and Android™ devices. You can also visit key.com from any web-enabled mobile device and sign on to Mobile Banking using your Online Banking user ID and password. You can view account balances and details, pay bills, transfer funds between your accounts, and locate a Key Branch or ATM. Mobile Alerts and Text Messaging are available for any text-enabled phone. You can enroll in this service via Online Banking (select Sign Up on the Mobile Settings tab under Self Service) or by calling 866-798-4109.

I am enrolled in Online Statements, but I don't see my current statement. How can I get it to appear?

Be sure to check the following:

  • Do you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer? If not, download a free version.
  • When opening in Adobe Acrobat Reader, be sure to open the document with Protected Mode disabled in order to view your statement.
  • Has your email address recently changed or is your inbox full? If we receive notice that an Online Statement notification was not delivered, you are automatically unenrolled from Online Statements and you will receive a paper copy.
  • Because the statement appears in a new browser, check if the Statement window is behind the Online Banking window.


My payee hasn't received my bill payment. What are my options?

You can file a dispute online eight or more days after the payment was made by selecting the Dispute this Payment link next to the payment on the payee's Payment History screen. If the link is not available, you can call us at 800-539-1539. Within 10 days, we'll notify you of our findings. With our Bill Pay Guarantee, if there is an issue with a payment, we will research and take corrective action - even if it means paying late fees.

If I use Bill Pay, will my payment be guaranteed by my due date?

To ensure that your payments will be received accurately and posted by your payee, follow the guidelines in our Bill Pay Guarantee.

How do I transfer funds between my KeyBank accounts?

Transfers can be made in both Online and Mobile banking. Same day transfers between your KeyBank accounts are completed immediately – if you chose a future and recurring transfer, it will be completed in the morning. See below for making a transfer using the mobile app or the online banking application:

  • Within Online Banking, you will need to select an account card, and then select the transfer money action button. Select the account you wish to transfer money to and choose the type of transfer you would like to make.
  • Within the Mobile Banking app, you will need to select the Transfers icon from within the action button menu. Make your transfer. Note that editing or canceling scheduled or recurring transfers set up through the Mobile Banking app will need to be managed through the website.
Can I pay my Credit Card, Loan or Line of Credit online from a non-Key bank account?

Yes, use the Make A Payment action button on the respective Account Details. Payments from other financial institutions may take a few days to process. Payments processed from Key using Bill Pay or Funds Transfer are guaranteed and process same day (Credit Cards take an extra day to process but will be backdated to the original date).

How do I transfer funds to/from another bank?

In Online Banking, you will first need to add an account. From within any account card, select the Transfer Money action button and choose Add An Account. Once the account is added and confirmed, it can be used for transfers. You can set up same day/future dated/recurring transfers in either Online Banking or Mobile Banking.

  • Within Online Banking, you will need to select an account card, and then select the Transfer Money action button. Select the account you wish to transfer money to (all eligible accounts are in the External Accounts section). Enter an amount, determine date and accept the T&Cs. NOTE: there are monetary limits associated with the transfer.
  • Within the Mobile Banking app, you will need to select the Transfers icon from within the action button menu. Make your transfer. Note that editing or canceling scheduled or recurring transfers set up through the Mobile Banking app will need to be managed through Online Banking.
How do I edit or delete a pending Bill Pay or Transfer?

In Online Banking, upcoming activity is displayed in the account details page of each account. Select the card to edit or delete the payment. Scheduled payments can also be canceled from the Mobile App by selecting the action button and Activity icon. Select the payment you wish to cancel in the Bill Payments menu. Editing or canceling scheduled and recurring transfers set up in the Mobile app will need to be managed through Online Banking.

How do I access the old Bill Pay features like eBills, Bill Pay history, Pay it Faster?

Access the full Bill Pay site by selecting “Pay multiple bills” link in the Pay Bill card. You can also access it in the Manage Payee card via “Advanced Options”.

Personal Financial Management

What is Personal Financial Management?
Personal Financial Management (PFM) is a software package you can purchase to track and analyze your accounts. You can connect directly to KeyBank to download account balances and transactions, pay bills, and transfer funds. Supported software is Quicken and QuickBooks.
What do I need to enroll in Quicken or QuickBooks?
Complete the enrollment form on key.com. You will need your account number, Social Security number or tax ID, and the version of software you will be using. Enrollment is not immediate. Learn more about the enrollment process.
Why can I no longer download my credit card transactions into my software?
To download credit card transactions you will need to sign on to Key's Online Banking and select Download Transactions. You will be able to download credit card transactions into your Quicken software. Quickbooks download for credit card information is not available at this time.

Financial Wellness

What is Financial Wellness?

Financial wellness is a destination you can reach by approaching life like a journey, one you take one step at a time. It’s prospering financially by making better, more informed, and more confident financial decisions. We’re here to get you on the path to increasing your financial wellness and help you each step of the way.

The steps on your financial wellness journey include:

  • Understand where you are today
  • Take action one step at a time
  • Build healthy financial habits
  • Monitor regularly
  • Celebrate each success
What is HelloWallet?

HelloWallet, a KeyBank company, provides financial wellness tools and resources that can help you on your path to being more financially confident.

How do I enroll in HelloWallet?
  • Sign on to your (or enroll in a) KeyBank Online Banking Account
  • Click on the HelloWallet link on the right side of your KeyBank Online Banking Account Page
  • Complete the easy enrollment steps
How do I use it to have the most meaningful impact on my financial life?
  • Link all of your financial accounts - checking, savings, credit cards, loans, mortgages, investments, and retirement accounts
  • Complete your profile
  • Get and learn about your Financial Wellness Score
  • Begin your financial wellness journey by following the tips and guidance provided, then taking steps to increase your Financial Wellness Score
Who do I contact with questions?

1-800-539-1539 Monday - Friday 7 a.m. – 12 a.m. ET, Saturday - Sunday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET