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Enrolling and Signing In

What do I need to enroll in online banking?

You will need your:

  • Social Security number or Tax ID
  • Email address
  • Your account number OR debit card and PIN

Enroll Now

Why am I unable to bring up the sign on or enrollment page for online banking?

There could be a few reasons why you are not seeing the page.

First, make sure your browser is:

  • At least Microsoft Edge 18, Safari 11, Firefox 83, or Chrome 80 (Internet Explorer will no longer be supported.)
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Set to accept cookies
  • Set to JavaScript enabled

If the above requirements are met and you still don’t see the sign on or enroll options in online banking, try an alternate browser or upgrade your existing browser to the most recent version.

Still have a problem with online banking? Call 1-800-539-1539.

I am locked out of online and mobile banking. How do I access my account?

You can securely unlock your account quickly and easily online.

Unlock Account

What should I do if I’m having trouble unlocking my account online?

There may be times when unlocking an account online isn’t possible. For example, if the phone numbers we have on file aren’t accurate, we will not be able to text or call you with a one-time passcode. To help restore your account access quickly and securely, we can also verify your identity and unlock your account by phone. Contact us at 1-800-KEY2YOU® (539-2968). Clients using a TDD/TTY device: 1-800-539-8336.

I received an email alert that my password changed, but I didn't change it. What do I do?

Contact us immediately at 1-800-539-1539.

Account Activity

Why is the amount in "Pending Activity" in online banking higher than the amount I signed for when using my debit card?

Some merchants, such as restaurants, hotels, or car rentals may estimate your final bill or add an estimated tip and request authorization for this higher amount. The authorization will reduce your available balance until a final transaction from the merchant is processed (typically 2-3 days).

Can I use online banking to set up alerts to notify me about account activity?

Yes, you may select to receive specific email and mobile alerts for accounts from your Account Summary page in online banking.

Technical Information

Why did I get locked out of online banking?

For your security, we may lock access for any of the following:

  • Failed password check
  • Failed to answer security questions correctly
  • Unable to authenticate yourself
Which devices support the KeyBank mobile app?

The KeyBank mobile app works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices running iOS 11 or newer, along with Android smartphones running OS 7.0 and up.

You can also access online banking with your smartphone by signing on at To sign on with your mobile browser, you'll need to run Safari from iOS 11 and above, Chrome 80, Firefox 83, or newer versions of each.

Which desktop systems support online banking?

If you're using a desktop computer to sign on to your account, you'll need to be running at least Windows 7, MacOS 11, or Chrome OS 75.

Wondering about browsers? Online banking supports Safari 11, Chrome 80, Firefox 83, Microsoft Edge 18, along with newer versions of each. (Internet Explorer will no longer be supported.)

Why do I keep getting automatically logged off?

Your browser setting may be conflicting with online banking. Make sure your browser meets the technical requirements for online banking.

To meet the technical requirements for online banking your browser must be:

  • At least Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge 12, Safari 9, Firefox 3, or Chrome 58.
  • 128-bit encryption
  • Set to accept cookies
  • Set to JavaScript enabled
Why can I no longer access the KeyBank mobile app using my Fingerprint, Face ID, PIN and/or QuickView?

We believe that your device is either jailbroken (Apple iOS) or rooted (Android), putting you at risk. If it were to become lost or stolen, someone could more easily access your KeyBank accounts and other personal information.

For security reasons, we needed to disable these features. Sign on securely anytime by entering your User ID and Password.

What is a "jailbroken" or "rooted" device?

It means someone changed the settings on your device to remove restrictions set by the manufacturer. For example, an iPhone that's been jailbroken can download apps that aren't available from the App Store or approved by Apple.

While they have similar meanings, "jailbroken" is the term for Apple devices, while "rooted" refers to Android.

Online Banking Security

Is online banking secure?

KeyBank takes information security seriously and is committed to protecting your personal financial information. Learn what KeyBank is doing to enforce online banking security.

Viewing Account Information

How can I get a holistic view of my finances?

We've made it easier for you to get a full view of your finances by putting all of your account info more prominently so you can see an overview of your account summary.

You can also use the Linked Accounts tile to link all of your accounts, even non-KeyBank accounts including other bank accounts, investment accounts, loans, etc. to conveniently see all of your money in one place.

Can I view my personal and business accounts online at the same time?

Yes, if you are a sole proprietor using the same SSN or TIN for both personal and business accounts. If you have different SSN or TINs, contact Customer Service at

1-800-539-1539 for additional options.

What information is available for credit cards in online banking?
  • Account balance information, payment amount and due date
  • Account alerts
  • Online credit card statements
  • Transaction details, plus the ability to download transaction history
  • Payment options, which include same-day payments from a transfer or bill pay, the ability to make a payment from a non-KeyBank account and establishing AutoPay
  • Request a balance transfer for lower interest rate or to consolidate debt
  • Free access to your FICO® Score

For technical questions regarding online banking, please call 1-800-539-1539.

Should I keep a ledger if I use online banking?

Online banking is a convenient way to view your KeyBank accounts and perform many activities. However, keep in mind it is a tool to use in conjunction with your own records. Transaction balances may not reflect your available balance and should not be used when considering future transactions. Transaction balances represent the balance after cleared activity has posted to your account. The displayed balance will not include outstanding checks or pending activity.

I don't see my current statement in online banking. How can I get it to appear?

Be sure to check the following:

  • To view your statement, sign on.
  • Do you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer? If not, download a free version.
  • When opening in Adobe Acrobat Reader, be sure to open the document with Protected Mode disabled in order to view your statement.
  • Because the statement appears in a new browser, check if the statement window is behind the online banking window.
Can I see images of my checks in online banking?

Checks you’ve written
In online and mobile banking, you can view images of checks you’ve written once they have cleared.

Checks you’ve deposited
You will not see images of checks that you have deposited, but you will see the dates and amounts of those deposits. Also, if you deposit checks at an ATM, you have the option to have images of those checks printed on the receipt.

Why can’t I receive account details via Text Banking Anymore?

During the past several years, we've set out to incorporate new technologies to help our clients manage their money - safely, easily, and conveniently - whether at home or on the go.

With new and enhanced money-managing features being introduced through KeyBank's online and mobile banking platforms, we have made the decision to discontinue our Text Banking service.

What you can do to access your account information digitally.

Go mobile. Do everything you did with Text Banking and more. Make deposits, monitor transactions, check balances, make payments, and receive alerts with your smartphone. Download our mobile app.

Bank online. Sign on to Online Banking for 24/7 account access to check balances, pay bills, and transfer money. Enroll here if you haven’t already.

Learn more. If you’re not already familiar with all the great digital banking tools and resources available to you, check out these how-to-videos.

Linking Non-KeyBank Accounts

What kinds of non-KeyBank accounts can I link? Is there a maximum number?

Eligible accounts for linking to KeyBank online and mobile banking include checking, savings, credit cards, loans and investments. There isn’t a maximum number of accounts you can link.

What can I do with my linked accounts?

You can easily view all of your linked account balances in online and mobile banking. You’ll find the Linked Accounts tile on the Account Summary page of your KeyBank online and mobile banking profile.

How often is the information updated for linked accounts?

Account information is only as fresh as the time shown, which reflects when the information is obtained from other sites. Such information may be more up-to-date when obtained directly from the relevant sites.

Are the accounts linked through the Linked Accounts tile the same as the accounts I set up for external transfers and Bill Pay?

These are separate account listings, and you can only view balances from the accounts in the Linked Accounts tile.

How do I close or delete a linked account?

You can close or delete an account under the Manage Account button. Closing it will stop the updating of balances and transactions. Deleting it will stop the updating of information and completely remove all balance and transactions information on file.

If I changed my credentials at my non-KeyBank financial institution, how do I make sure they are changed here so my balance is updated?

Click the “Manage Accounts” button within the Linked Accounts tile. This link will allow you to change your credentials. In addition, changes at the financial institution will not automatically be reflected here. You would need to make those updates here.

Can I link more accounts later?

Yes, simply select “+ Link More Accounts”.

How do I know my linked non-KeyBank account credentials will stay secure?

We use the latest encryption and security technology so no one has access to your personal information or funds.

How many institutions do you support when it comes to linking a non-KeyBank account?

We support more than 12,000.

What if I don’t see my institution in the list?

Use the search bar to find it. If your financial institution isn’t supported through the Linked Accounts tile, you can request to have it added by contacting our support team. Call us.


Monday–Friday, 7:00 a.m.–Midnight ET
Saturday–Sunday, 8:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m. ET

Clients using a TDD/TTY device: 1-800-539-8336


If I use Bill Pay, will my payment be guaranteed by my due date?

KeyBank offers a Bill Pay Guarantee, to ensure your payments are received accurately and on time. Double check the amount and schedule your:

  • Electronic payments at least 2 business days before the due date.
  • Check payments at least 4 business days before the due date.

If payments are made within the above guidelines of the guarantee and KeyBank does not properly complete a bill payment on time or for the correct amount, KeyBank will pay any late fees and finance charges that result solely from that failed bill payment and send any correspondence necessary to rectify credit reporting.

Why can't I see or edit my payee's address and phone number?

If you cannot see or edit the address and phone number for a payee, it means that KeyBank has a relationship with that payee and keeps that information updated for you.

Can I make multiple payments at once?

Yes. Sign on to online banking and within Bill Pay select Access Additional Bill Pay Features, then follow the prompts.

Can I edit or delete a pending payment or transfer in online banking?

Yes. In online banking, upcoming activity is displayed in the account details page of each account. Select the payment to edit or delete it. Scheduled payments can also be canceled from the mobile app by selecting the + button and Activity icon. Select the payment you wish to cancel in the Bill Payments menu.

How do I transfer funds between my KeyBank accounts in online banking?

Transfers can be made in KeyBank online and mobile banking. Same day transfers between your KeyBank accounts are completed immediately – if you chose a future and recurring transfer, it will be completed in the morning. See below for making a transfer using online banking or the mobile app:

In online banking, select the:

  • Account you want to transfer from
  • The transfer money icon
  • Account you want to transfer to
  • Then, make your transfer

In the mobile banking app, select the:

  • Transfer icon
  • Account you want to transfer from
  • Account you want to transfer to
  • Then, make your transfer

Note: You cannot edit or cancel scheduled or recurring transfers in the mobile app, but you can in online banking.

Can I pay my credit card, loan or line of credit online from a non-KeyBank account?

Yes, use the Make a Payment action button on the Account Details page. Payments from other financial institutions may take a few days to process. Payments processed from Key using Bill Pay or funds transfer are guaranteed and process same day. Credit Cards take an extra day to process but will be backdated to the original date.

How do I transfer funds to or from another bank?

In online banking, you will first need to add an account. From within any account, select the Transfer Money icon and choose Add An Account. Once the account is added and confirmed, it can be used for transfers. You can set up same day/future dated/recurring transfers in either online banking or the mobile app.

  • Sign on to online banking, select an account, and then the Transfer Money icon. Select the account you wish to transfer money to (all eligible accounts are in External Accounts). Enter an amount, determine the date and accept the Terms and Conditions.

Note: There are monetary limits associated with the transfer.

  • In the mobile app, you will need to select the Transfers icon from within the action button menu. Make your transfer.

Note: You cannot edit or cancel scheduled or recurring transfers in the mobile app, but you can in online banking.

Mobile Deposit

When will my funds be available?

Your deposit will be verified before funds become available, and when you make a deposit, you will be able to follow its progress in online and mobile banking.

  • Deposits made by 11 PM EST will be available the next business day.
What should I do with my check after I deposit it?

Hold on to your check for 14 days after you’ve made the deposit. Then, you can destroy it.

Is there a limit on using mobile check deposit?

There is a limit on how much you can deposit using mobile check deposit in 30 days. For most checking and savings account, that limit is $7,500, and for our relationship checking and savings accounts, it’s $20,000. For more information, visit KeyBank Mobile Deposit Limits.

If you deposit your maximum at one time, you’ll have to wait until the 30 days is up to use mobile check deposit again. You’ll notice a reminder of how much you can deposit when you select the deposit option in the mobile app.

Are there any fees associated with using mobile check deposit?

We do not charge any fees for using mobile check deposit. You may have fees for mobile use charged by your wireless carrier.

Personal Financial Management

What personal financial management (PFM) software does KeyBank support?

KeyBank supports PFM software from Quicken and QuickBooks. You can connect directly to KeyBank to download account balances and transactions, pay bills, and transfer funds.

What do I need to enroll in Quicken or QuickBooks?

To enroll in the Service, you must follow the online banking set up instructions on your software, complete the enrollment over the telephone or accept the terms and enroll online. To enroll you will need a valid social security number or federal tax identification number listed on each Activated Account.

Why can I no longer download my credit card transactions into my software?

To download credit card transactions, sign on to KeyBank online banking and select Download Transactions. You will be able to download credit card transactions into your Quicken software. QuickBooks download for credit card information is not available at this time.


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