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Cashing a check should be fast, easy and secure, whether you’re a KeyBank client or not. Find out more about cashing checks at KeyBank, from which types of checks we can cash to what to bring with you and more.

KeyBank Check Cashing Services for Non-clients

Non-clients can cash certain types of checks at any of our 1,100 branches. Plus, non-clients can take advantage of additional benefits at our specially designated KeyBank Plus branches.

Types of checks we can cash.

For people without a KeyBank deposit relationship,1 we can quickly and securely cash checks drawn on KeyBank accounts, as long as the check is for less than $5,000.

Check cashing fees.

There is no fee for checks of $15 or less. Fees for other checks vary by state.

Show two forms of ID.

You must show a primary, valid, government-issued ID with your photo and signature (like a state driver’s license, passport or military ID), and one secondary form of ID (such as a signed credit or debit card, student or employee ID).

Visit a KeyBank Plus Branch

Our specially designated KeyBank Plus branches offer check cashing for non-clients at 1.5%,2 and every fifth check is free.3 ($3 minimum fee to $25 maximum fee, no maximum fee for tax refund checks.)

Find a KeyBank Plus Branch


How can KeyBank clients cash checks at KeyBank?

As a KeyBank client, check-cashing services are available anytime, without a check-cashing fee. Cash your checks quickly and easily at any KeyBank branch or drive-thru. Or, deposit your checks at KeyBank ATMs or in the app with mobile check deposit. To cash a check in the branch, bring your check and one form of ID, like a driver’s license, state I.D. card, or Matricula consular.

What is a KeyBank Plus branch and what does it offer?

Use KeyBank Plus® and you can keep more of what's yours. Made for non-account holders, KeyBank Plus charges you a low 1.5% check cashing fee,2 plus gives you up to five free money orders at the time you cash your check and more. After all, it shouldn’t cost a chunk of your check just to cash it.

  • No account needed. We’ll cash any approved payroll and government checks even if you have an existing ChexSystems record—just bring one form of photo ID, like a valid driver’s license, state ID card or Matricula Consular.4
  • Free money orders. Get up to five free money orders with every check cashed.
  • Every fifth check is free.3 Keep more of your money with our low 1.5% check cashing rate, and pay no check cashing fee for every fifth check. (Tax refund checks are not counted toward the five.)
  • One-on-one advice from a community banker. Tell us about your money needs. Ask questions. We’ll always give you our best tips and advice.

KeyBank Plus branches are located in Colorado, Indiana, Maine, New York and Ohio. Find a KeyBank Plus location near you.

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To have a deposit relationship, a client must have a checking or savings account (excluding health savings accounts and individual retirement accounts) or an unpledged certificate of deposit, and KeyBank must have the client's name, address, and certain other identifying information on file.


A check-cashing fee of 1.5% of the face value of the check applies. There is a minimum fee of $3.00 and a maximum fee of $25.00, except for tax refund checks which have no maximum fee. Maximum check amount $4,999, other than tax refund checks which have a maximum check amount of $9,999 until April 30 of each year, and a maximum check amount of $5,000 after April 30.


The applicable fee is waived for every fifth check cashed, excluding tax refund checks. See a Key branch office representative for more details.


Other forms of photo ID accepted. Check with your KeyBank Plus branch.

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