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Certificates of deposit typically earn higher rates than savings accounts. With CDs, you always know what you’ll earn and when you’ll earn it, so they’re a great way to grow your savings on your schedule.

Features with Every Account

Fixed Rates

Once you choose a term—that’s the length of time you want to keep your money in the CD—and make your deposit, your rate’s locked in until the term ends.

Automatic Renewals

Towards the term’s end, you’ll receive a maturity notice and can redeem your CD. If you decide not to redeem it, we’ll automatically reinvest your funds at the end of your term, so you keep earning.

FDIC Insurance

FDIC insurance up to the applicable limits.

Online and Mobile Banking

Check in on your CD growth anytime in KeyBank online and mobile banking.

More KeyBank CD Accounts

Short-term savings at a higher interest rate

  • Terms from seven days to less than six months
  • Earn more interest than with a traditional savings account

Key Tiered CD Accounts Account 2 of 3

Get higher interest rates with several term options

  • Terms from six months to 10 years

Key Jumbo CD Accounts Account 3 of 3

Intended for balances of $100,000 and greater

  • Terms from seven days to 120 months

Please read our Agreements and Disclosures. If you opened your deposit account online within the last 90 days, you may also review the original agreements and disclosures provided to you.


This is also the minimum required to roll over the account once it matures.

Financial Wellness

reveal your financial personality & reach your goals.

Savings & CDs

learn the difference between CDs and other savings accounts.

Build savings with Certificates of Deposit.

December 2019 learn the difference between CDs and other savings accounts.
Savings Calculators

crunch your numbers to see what you can save over time.

Learn how your savings add up over the years and see the impact of contributing to your savings.

crunch your numbers to see what you can save over time.

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