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Spring break gives you the chance to change your routine, enjoy the warmer weather, and let your kids recharge before gearing up for the final push of the school year. With many schools taking an extended break, spring break is popular for family getaways. During this peak travel time, rather than braving airports, crowded theme parks, and packed beaches, consider staying home and enjoying local activities. Here are some ideas for a staycation to help you plan a fun and relaxing spring break.

Kids' Pick

The kids may be more excited about staying home for spring break when they can choose the activities. Let them each pick a museum or other local tourist spot they'd like to visit. With enough planning in advance, you can find discounted tickets to plan a fun and economical day for everyone. If your kids are still young, exploring a new playground or park is often enough to keep them happy while also taking advantage of the fresh spring air.

Day Trip

If you need a change of scenery, but don't want to travel far, day trips are a great compromise. You'll save on airfare and hotel costs, but you'll still feel like you've done something adventurous and new. Or, if you want to splurge a little, reserve a hotel room in a town or city within driving distance. To find new activities, be a tourist and research the top attractions in your local area. To avoid a budget crunch, try lower-key activities like an indoor ice rink, a rock climbing gym, or local farm tours.

Indoor Fun

Sometimes, the temperamental spring weather doesn't cooperate. If your outdoor plans are canceled, move your activities indoors and find something fun and possibly educational to do. Attend a cooking class or catch up on recent movies you've missed. Build those Lego sets that have been sitting in the closet since the holidays. You can also check local theaters or college drama clubs for kid-friendly stage shows at a budget-friendly price.

Volunteer Time

Think about spending one day of your spring break helping others. You can help an elderly neighbor clean out their yard or volunteer at a local animal shelter. There are a ton of volunteer opportunities available if you know where to look. Try searching online at Volunteer Match for local nonprofits in need of your help.

Search for Local Deals

To keep your spring break budget-friendly, look for local deals on entertainment venues. Many libraries allow you to check out free or discounted museum passes for local exhibits. Although tourist venues may be more crowded over spring break, last minute deals may be available through popular coupon sites like Groupon. Before purchasing any discounted tickets, remember to read the fine print — especially if you need to use them on a specific date during spring break.

You don't have to come up with a bunch of expensive activities to keep everyone happy over spring break. Most times, kids are simply happy for the time off from school. Planning family outings to keep them busy is sure to delight, but scheduling in downtime is also acceptable. The best ideas for a staycation can help your family recharge and have fun together before returning to the usual busy routine.


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