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Prospective employees often ask about a company's health benefits and the 401(k) plan before accepting an offer at a new company. Although minor perks may not make a big difference in your decision to switch companies, they can help increase your satisfaction at work. Some companies offer small benefits to set themselves apart from other employers and develop a relationship as an employee-friendly workplace.

Chances are, if you check your company's benefits website or talk to coworkers, you'll find new information about programs that may appeal to you. Here are a few examples of employer benefits you might be missing.

Health Benefits Beyond Medical Insurance

Employers know that healthy employees function better at work and take less time off when they're feeling under the weather. In addition to medical insurance, many companies now offer wellness programs in and out of work. In-house gyms or discounted memberships to exercise facilities in the area are just a few examples of wellness programs offered by employers to help promote a well-balanced lifestyle. Recent trends show corporate wellness initiatives going even more high-tech with wearable devices, sensors, and subsequent rewards and incentives to participating employees.

Financial Assistance

Financial stress can affect your ability to focus on your job. If you're in need of financial planning or advice, check with your employer for a sponsored program or a recommended financial provider. Some employers like PWC have recently begun offering assistance with the payment of student loans as part of the benefits packages.

Employee Discount Programs

Employee Discount programs are another perk that many companies offer through a partnership with an outside provider. Employees can set up an account with an outside provider and purchase discounted theme park tickets or other entertainment admissions to help them enjoy their time off. Group employer discounts on cell phones are another benefit you may want to look into prior to shopping for calling plans.

Tuition Reimbursement

If you want to further your career through an advanced degree, many companies provide a tuition reimbursement program. Taking advantage of educational assistance will help you build your resume and possibly nab that next promotion.

Transit Passes

To help defray the costs of your work commute and encourage the use of public transportation, employers may choose to subsidize transit passes in larger metro areas.

Unique Company-Related Perks

Many companies may also offer unique benefits which are in some way related to their company's products or culture. For example, Genetech offers on-site amenities such as car washes, haircuts, a day care center, a spa, and a dentist. Airbnb offers an annual travel credit to employees. Other employers offer free snacks at work or discounts on company products and services.

When comparing job offers, employer benefits can give one company an edge over the competition. If your current or prospective employer provides extended benefits, take some time to evaluate the programs and find out how they could work best for you.

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