Need to sell? How to prep your home to move.

There's no way to figure out exactly how long it will take your home to sell. You can use historical data from your neighborhood and guesstimate based on similar homes that recently sold. But that's not a guarantee your home will sell as fast.

Now for the good news: You can take steps to increase your chances of selling quickly by setting your home at the right price and by making improvements that will help your house look its best.


How much is my house worth?

One important part of helping your home sell quickly is the price — these 3 tips can help with how to price your home:


Look around

Check out what houses have sold for recently in your neighborhood - often this information is available through online home sale sites. Consider setting your home's price within 10% of similar ones that have sold within the last 6 months.


Think like a buyer

Try to take the emotion out of the selling process. Reflect on what a buyer might be willing to pay for your house - and why. You might want to make improvements based on what you think might make your home more appealing.


Work with a realtor to value your home

A real estate agent can provide a more in-depth analysis of home sales in your area and guide you on setting a price that entices buyers, while still getting you the best possible price.

Exterior quick fixes: Making a good first impression

Curb appeal. In the real estate world that's the term used to describe a home that's attractive to buyers even before they step foot inside. Spruce up your house on the outside with these cost-effective tips:

  •  Power wash your home's exterior
  •  Wash all windows
  •  Add a new coat of paint if it's been a few years
  •  Update light fixtures
  •  Spread new mulch
  •  Plant bright-colored flowers
  •  Repair any visible damage to the siding, window frames and/or shutters
  •  Get rid of old lawn furniture
  •  Trim all landscaping and remove any debris like dead leaves and branches

Interior quick fixes: Impressing buyers on the inside

Don't stop on the outside! Help your home stand apart from others by doing a thorough cleaning of the interior along with making these quick fixes:

  •  Declutter every room
  •  Repaint rooms in neutral colors
  •  Wipe down all trim to remove scuffs
  •  Take down family pictures and mementos
  •  Put away any pet dishes, litter boxes or beds
  •  Update light fixtures and cabinet hardware, where possible
  •  Start boxing up extra items to make your home appear more spacious and airy
  •  Organize all closets, cabinets and drawers
  •  Scrub all bathroom showers and sinks
  •  Degrease and wipe down all kitchen appliances

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