Cash and Cash Equivalents

Liquidity refers to your ability to quickly convert your invested assets into cash. In the case of an unanticipated event, it's good to have liquid assets you can access. Investing in cash and cash equivalents is a way to obtain liquidity. Cash and cash equivalents are very low-risk, low-return investments. However, when accessibility is most important, the benefits of low-risk can outweigh the low returns.

Types of Cash and Cash Equivalents

KeyBank NA offers cash and cash equivalents to meet your savings goals and liquidity needs. Earn a competitive fixed interest rate with Certificates of Deposits (CDs) or earn higher returns with Money Market Accounts.

Key Tiered CD Accounts

Get higher interest rates with a higher balance on tiered CD accounts.


Key Jumbo CDs

Intended for balances of $100,000 and greater, a Key Jumbo CD is a great large denomination savings option.


Key Short Term CD Accounts

Our Key Short Term CD® is a flexible savings option to help you round out your portfolio. Key Short Term CDs are offered in terms of seven days to less than six months.


Key Silver Money Market Savings® Account

Earn higher interest rates on higher balances with a Key Silver Money Market Savings® Account. Use Online Banking to manage your account and you can access your money using Key's extensive ATM network.


Key Gold Money Market Savings® Account

You're saving for the future. As your savings grow, so should your interest rates. Open a Key Gold Money Market Savings® Account and get competitive interest rates that reward you for working toward your financial goals.