Direct Deposit

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With select Key personal bank accounts, you can take advantage of the convenience of direct deposit. What is direct deposit? This free service allows regular deposits such as payroll and Social Security payments to be made electronically into your money market, savings, or checking account. 

Sign Up for Direct Deposit

To sign up for Direct Deposit, you'll need to provide the depositor with:

  • Your KeyBank account number. Your personal bank account number can be found in Online Banking, on your account statements, or at the bottom of your checks.
  • Your KeyBank routing number. To find your routing number, take a look at one of your checks or see a complete list of KeyBank routing numbers.
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For your convenience, we have also provided a Direct Deposit Sign-up Form that may be submitted to your employer or plan provider for payroll and/or retirement/annuity and dividend deposits. Please attach a voided check from your checking account when submitting this form.

If you are a recipient of Federal benefit payments, you may use the Federal Direct Deposit Benefits Mail Form to submit your direct deposit information.

By signing up for this service, you'll enjoy all the benefits direct deposit can provide. Plus, earn KeyBank Relationship Rewards® points for each transaction, and bonus points for deposits $500/month or higher*.