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The more you know about our fees, the easier it will be for you to avoid them. We’ll always be up front about fees and other charges you might encounter with each of our checking accounts – so there are no surprises and you can keep more money in your pocket.

See the Fees for Every Checking Account

Which checking account do you want fee information about?

Key Smart Checking®

Basic, everyday checking with no monthly maintenance fees, and no minimums. Plus, paper checks and every digital feature.
Key Smart Checking® Fees

Key Advantage Checking®

Interest-bearing account with built-in money saving features like limited ATM fee reimbursement.
Key Advantage Checking® Fees

Key Privilege Checking®

Preferred pricing with relationship rates and discounts and automatic daily sweeps to savings.
Key Privilege Checking® Fees

Key Privilege Select Checking®

Financial management, our highest interest rate, and premium management and investing services.
Key Privilege Select Checking® Fees

KeyBank Hassle-Free Account®

An easy to use, checkless, online account with no monthly maintenance fees.
KeyBank Hassle-Free Account® Fees

Fees for other KeyBank Checking Accounts

Video FAQs about KeyBank Checking Account Fees

What is an overdraft?

Video: Learn about overdrafts and nonsufficient funds and what you can do to avoid them.


Let’s talk Overdrafts.

Ready? Lets go!

Overdrafts happen when money spent > money available

Sometimes overdrafts mean extra fees

The good news is: They’re usually avoidable.

To help your life stay overdraft-free, we’ll tell you what you should know about

Business days

How transactions post

How transactions post

Pending transactions

When deposits go through

So you can spend your money on your terms.

When will the funds I’ve deposited be available?

Video: Learn about what is a business day and when your deposits will go through.


Let’s talk Overdrafts and when your deposits go through

Ready? Lets go!

Your deposits go through on business days

Business days are: Monday – Friday (not including holidays)

Every business day has a cutoff time based on how you make your deposit

Usually, your money is available the next business day

Know when your deposits go through. Spend your money on your terms.

When are my transactions posted?

Video: Learn about the order in which transactions are posted to your account.


Let’s talk Overdrafts and how transactions post

Ready? Lets go!

We post transactions in two (2) different groups

Yesterday’s transactions made after cutoff time and before midnight

Current-day Today’s transactions made before the cutoff time

Your prior day activity posts first Money in before money out

Your current-day activity posts next Money in before money out

Know the order. Spend your money on your terms.

Are my debit card transactions posted right away?

Video: Learn about pending transactions and how they may affect your account balance.


Let’s talk Overdrafts and how pending transactions work

Ready? Lets go!

When you use your debit card, it doesn’t always post right away.

So, your account holds the money and your available balance goes down.

We call that a pending transaction

If you spend more than your account’s available balance, you may get an overdraft fee

Keep track of your available balance. Spend your money on your terms.

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