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Small steps add up. EasyUp sends $1 to your savings account every time you make a purchase with your debit card, so you can effortlessly set aside money to reach your goals.

Take Small Steps Toward Your Goals

With EasyUp, each time you use your debit card to make a purchase, you automatically send $1 from your KeyBank checking account to your KeyBank savings account. There’s no fee for using EasyUp, and you can easily manage your preferences anytime in online and mobile banking.

Step 1:
Use Your Debit Card

Make purchases using the debit card(s) linked to your selected Key checking account.

Step 2:
EasyUp Sets $1 Aside for Every Transaction

These small transfers add up fast, and since the average person uses their debit card 300 times per year, you could put away an extra $300 without even thinking about it.

Step 3:
Reduce Your Debt Faster

Use those savings to pay down debt faster and reach your financial goals sooner.


What if saving money was just as easy as spending it?

With EasyUp from KeyBank, it is.

Add EasyUp to your KeyBank checking account, and every time you use your debit card to make a purchase, EasyUp will transfer $1 into your savings account.

That means you’re paying yourself back every day as you make purchases. And whether it’s groceries or gas, take-out or movies, every small step adds up.

In fact, you could set aside an extra $300 a year on average, which you can use to pay down debt faster, meet your savings goals, and make financial progress.

With EasyUp, saving is as easy as spending. And it’s just one of the many ways KeyBank helps put you on the path to financial wellness.

Use the red key.

How to Start Using EasyUp

You’ll add EasyUp in KeyBank online banking and mobile banking, so you’ll need to have a KeyBank account to get started. Don’t have an account yet?

  1. Sign on to online or mobile banking.
  2. Select EasyUp from the list of red activity buttons at the top of your account details page and follow the prompts. (If you don’t already have the accounts you need for EasyUp, you’ll be guided to open them during this step.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which accounts can I use with EasyUp?

To start using EasyUp, you’ll need a KeyBank checking and KeyBank savings account. That way, when you make a purchase from your checking account using your debit card, we can easily transfer a dollar from that checking account to your savings account.

The following KeyBank accounts are eligible to use with EasyUp: Any KeyBank checking account, and Key Active Saver®, Key Gold Money Market Savings®, Key Silver Money Market Savings® and KEY4KIDS® Savings.

Can I use EasyUp with joint accounts?

Yes, you can add EasyUp to any personal Key checking and savings account (except HSAs). At this time, you may only have EasyUp on one set of accounts.

Can I enroll my business checking accounts in EasyUp?

Not currently. EasyUp is for personal accounts only.

Can I move my money back to my checking account from my savings account?

Yes. This is your money and you can move it from your savings account at any time.

Will EasyUp overdraw my checking account?

We’ve built in several protections to help avoid overdrafts. We will only process the EasyUp transfer for that day if the available balance in your Checking Account as of the Cutoff Time is greater than or equal to Fifty Dollars ($50.00) plus the amount of your scheduled Daily Transfer. Plus if EasyUp were to overdraw your account, you would never be charged an overdraft fee.

Why don’t I see my recent purchase in EasyUp?

EasyUp shows posted transactions only, and some debit card transactions can take a few days to post to your account. Also, some stores process purchases in batches as they ship. When your purchase does post to your account, you’ll see that $1 is transferred to your savings account. The same balance requirements (minimum of $50 plus the EasyUp transfer amount) apply in this case.

Can I pause and resume EasyUp?

Yes. You can easily turn EasyUp on and off in online and mobile banking in the EasyUp overview dashboard. We check to see if EasyUp is turned on every business day at 7pm local time. So, if you paused EasyUp after 7pm local time, and then a purchase posted to your account, your transfer may be processed. Similarly, if you resume EasyUp before 7pm local time the next business day, any transactions posted after the previous business day will trigger EasyUp transfers to your savings account.

How do I start using EasyUp with a different set of accounts than those I’m using it with now?

Just sign on to online and mobile banking, select EasyUp from the account details section and unenroll.