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KeyBank Hassle-Free Account®

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With no minimum balance fees, no overdraft fees (because you cannot write checks), and no monthly transaction requirements, the KeyBank Hassle-Free Account was designed to put you in control of your finances. It's a free checkless account* that provides you immediate and convenient access to your money – without the hassle of writing checks.

KeyBank Hassle-Free Account Details

  • No Monthly Maintenance Service Charge and no minimum balances
  • No overdraft fees. No bounced checks – there are no paper checks on this account
  • Free monthly statements (paper or online)
  • Once enrolled, our enhanced KeyBank Relationship Rewards® program allows you to earn rewards just by actively using your Hassle-Free Account, debit card or by expanding your banking relationship with Key**
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KeyBank Hassle-Free Account®

How do I access my account without checks?

The KeyBank Hassle-Free Account provides various ways to access your funds and pay bills with convenient options such as:

  • Debit Card
  • Online Bill Pay
  • Free access to any KeyBank ATM nationwide
  • KeyBank Mobile Banking
  • Automatic payment deductions
How do I pay individuals or businesses?

No checks, no problem. This is a checkless account. You can pay people or businesses using automatic payment deductions, wire transfers, online Bill Pay, debit or credit cards. Bill Pay makes it safe secure and easy to pay bills; use it to pay almost anyone you'd normally pay by check. You maintain control, determining when and how much to pay. Best of all, Bill Pay is a free service.

I have overdrawn my KeyBank Hassle-Free Account. How is that possible?

While we attempt to prevent any overdraft situation on your KeyBank Hassle-Free Account, there are times when overdrafts will happen.

If you do not have sufficient funds available in your KeyBank Hassle-Free Account to cover a transaction, in most cases the transaction will be declined or returned for non-sufficient funds without payment. (It is important to note, you may be charged a fee by the merchant for any transaction KeyBank declines to pay against your account.)

Based on how the payment transaction was presented to KeyBank and if available balance verification was requested by the merchant, it is possible a payment could be posted to your account resulting in an overdraft situation.

However, even though your account is overdrawn, KeyBank will not charge you an overdraft or NSF (non-sufficient fund) fee.

What if I order checks for this account?

The KeyBank Hassle-Free Account is a checkless account. Any checks presented to KeyBank for payment will not be paid from this account and will be returned for non-sufficient funds. (It is important to note, you may be charged a fee by the merchant for any transaction KeyBank declines to pay against your account.)