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what is myControl?

As a part of Key's Online Banking suite, myControl Banking® helps keep you in control of your money with tools you can use to set financial goals, manage your deposits and spending, and keep track of your savings.

Here are some ways myControl Banking can benefit you:

Stay on track with your savings

Automate transfers to your savings account and keep the funds out of your "available" balance, and away from your day-to-day checking activities.

Avoid potential overdrafts

Our Savings Goals will let you plan for your next big expense while managing your current finances and adjusting your spending habits.

Simplify your life

Maybe it's time to simplify! Use our forecasting tools to set goals and work towards them in a pressure-free environment.

Oh, and by the way, the myControl Banking service is free! Plus, there's no commitment, so try it out, and if myControl is not right for your needs, you can switch back to the classic Online Banking view at any time.

know how much you can potentially spend.

With myMoney Forecast®, we take your scheduled Money In deposits and your scheduled Money Out expenses and calculate how your balance is affected.

Money In

First you tell us about your expected deposits, like your paycheck, as the basis for your budget.

Money Out

What do you plan to spend? Planned payments, like using Bill Pay, are automatically recorded. Plus, you can enter any outgoing funds, such as checks, to complete the picture.

stick to your savings goals.

Unsure how to save for that big-ticket item?

With myControl, you can create savings goals, set up automatic transfers to them, and track your progress.

see your money differently.

With myControl’s intuitive calendar view, your deposits and the money you spend is easy to track by day, week, or month.

ready to take control?

In order to sign up for myControl Banking, you must have a KeyBank checking account and be enrolled in Online Banking.

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