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When the weather changes, you'll likely want to change what you wear. But how do you change your wardrobe when you're on a budget? Going to buy a slew of trendy new styles is out, and you think the clothes you already have won't do. Never fear! Here are some tips for how to change your wardrobe in low-cost and no-cost ways to keep you comfortable and stylish year-round.

No-Cost: Mix Patterns

Nothing says summer quite like a bright, vivid look. Make the patterns in your closet work for you. To get you started, Buzzfeed offers a great guide for mixing patterns. Pieces you never thought would go together can suddenly become best friends, bringing new life to what you thought was old hat.

No-Cost: Host a Clothing Swap

Want to make for a fun afternoon or evening? Get your friends together with all of their "I'm tired of it" clothing pieces and host a clothing swap. You can set simple rules, like trading equivalent items (you can trade one t-shirt for one t-shirt).

Want someone's cool winter coat? Create a bundle of clothes they want from your pile and get that coat. The great thing about clothing swaps is that no money changes hands and you and your fellow swappers set the rules. Not only that, but everyone leaves with something "new" in this easy way to change your wardrobe.

No-Cost to Low-Cost: Trade Your Clothes In

You most likely have a consignment store close by or within driving distance. These stores will take your gently worn clothing and offer you one of two prices: an outright purchase price and a trade price. The trade price will almost always be quite a bit higher than the outright purchase price, giving you more buying power to change your wardrobe. This way, you have money to spend on your wardrobe without actually spending money.

If you do decide to splurge a bit, you're spending less than you would have otherwise because you'll pay only the difference between the value of your trade-in allowance and the items you're buying.

Low-Cost: Think Accessories

Sometimes a pair of shoes, a new purse or even a belt can make an old outfit feel new again. Look at your favorite wardrobe items and see which ones could benefit from an accessory refresh. Little black dress? Think purse, earrings or shoes. Button-down shirt? Maybe a stylish hat can make that old shirt feel dapper. Save money on accessory purchases by visiting your local charity store or consignment shop.

Now you have four fresh ways to feel like fashionista without breaking the bank. Not only will you never look at your closet the same way, but you'll be spending less and getting a whole lot more mileage out of what's in your closet.

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