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Are your inexpensive date night ideas limited to snuggling up on the couch, watching a movie and getting some food delivered? Movie night at home with the one you love can be wonderful, but you don't always have to be flicking through Netflix and waiting for your favorite deliveryman to show up to call it a date with your significant other.

The next time date night rolls around and you're looking for something that doesn't involve a remote control, take your pick from one of these five inexpensive date night ideas.

1. Coffee and Dessert Bar

Eating an entire meal out may well be out of your budget, but meeting up for coffee and dessert could be more doable. From bakeries, to chocolate bars, to regular coffee shops, there are plenty of opportunities to share food, drink and fine conversation that don't involve your own kitchen.

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Search your local area for bakery, dessert bars and coffee shops with cozy sit-in areas. Bring along a favorite board game or a book of fun and revealing questions. For some excellent conversation starters, try The Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, or If...(Questions for the Game of Life) by Evelyn McFarlane.

2. Wine Tasting

You'd be surprised how many venues offer wine tasting nowadays, and at extremely reasonable prices – art galleries, stores, museums, vineyards and more. Some places offer their wines to be tasted for free, while others charge a nominal fee of between $5 and $7 per person.

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Search online for several places with wine tastings and pair them together in one afternoon or evening for a mini-wine trail. Bring along a notebook you can designate as your wine journal where you both jot down notes about the different wines you taste and what does and doesn't appeal to you. And don't forget to pack some snacks in advance!

3. Book Reading

Authors come to libraries, bookstores and college campuses often to give book readings, generally for free. It offers an opportunity to listen to some literature, ask questions and get out of the house.

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Use your library's loan system to borrow the book that will be read from (even better, have your date borrow a copy from their library as well!). This will increase you and your date's interest in the event and allow you to get any burning questions you have answered.

4. Free Museum Meetup

Most museums offer free general admission entrance hours at least once a month. Look up your favorite museums and search for their hours and pricing information for any free events and times. These free hours usually end up being during the week and in the late afternoon and early evening hours, so make plans to meet up with your date directly after work.

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You normally can't see the entire museum during the free hours offered, so check out their website and make a mental list of which exhibits are really important for you to hit up together.

5. Chase Down a Food Truck

Still looking for inexpensive date night ideas that afford you some good food? You're in luck since you live in the era of food trucks. These are kitchens on wheels that offer gourmet food selections closer to fast food prices because they don't have to pay the overhead costs restaurants do. You can find entire food truck villages, or just individual food trucks that will be at a certain location for a certain number of hours.

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Do your research to locate the hottest food trucks in town. Oftentimes, they'll update their social media accounts with where they'll be and from what time.

Having a small budget doesn't matter when it comes to these inexpensive date night ideas. So dress up, grab your date and head on out for an evening on the town!


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