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3 Fun and Easy DIY Gift Ideas

Amanda L. Grossman

December 2016

This holiday season is going to be different. You can skip the spending hangover too many people experience with holiday bills if you instead embrace fun and easy DIY gift ideas.

Get ready to banish the grinch in your life with these three DIY gift ideas.

1. Give a Gourmet Popcorn Bundle

Buying for a family? Purchase enough plastic popcorn containers at your local dollar store for each family member. Stack the containers in one another, then in the top one add a bag of popcorn kernels and a small measured out amount of seasoning. Wrap a bow around the stack, and inside the bow add a recipe card with step-by-step directions for creating a delicious gourmet popcorn recipe.

2. Share a Secret Recipe

Do you have a favorite family recipe that you bring to potlucks throughout the year that always leaves people asking for the recipe? Now's your chance to share it. Be creative with packaging it up. In the card where you include the recipe, you could write "Top Secret Recipe." Or, you could purchase an actual key and lock for a few dollars at the local hardware store, punch a hole in the top of the recipe card and close the lock around it. Another neat way to package this is to purchase a money puzzle gift holder, but instead of putting money in the center, fold your recipe card and include that as the prize. Make them work for it!

3. Create a Wine Charmer

If there's a hostess with the mostest in your life, you can easily create some fun wine charmers that help guests keep wine glasses identifiable during parties. Head to your local craft store and purchase a few packages of beads, charms and small earring loops. Create different patterns for a set of four or eight by threading alternating beads and charms on the earrings. Close the loop earring on the hook to keep them in place. Attach the wine charmers in a holiday card by punching two holes in it and tying with a ribbon.

Gifting should be a fun experience for both the person giving the gift and the receiver of the gift. With these creative DIY gift ideas, you'll save money and brighten up everyone's holiday season.

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