Your employees’ financial wellness is important to their well-being and to the success of your business. With Key@Work, you can give your employees a no-cost benefit that helps them reach their financial goals, minimize stress and improve their productivity for your business. In other words, it’s a win-win.

Employees with strong money management skills stress less about their everyday finances and are happier and more productive at work.


Percentage of full-time employees that say they feel stressed about personal finances.


Percentage of employees who say that their money stress affects their productivity at work.


Increased likelihood that financially stressed employees will look for a new job with financial wellness benefits.

Benefits of Key@Work

  • Help your employees confidently make informed financial decisions and cultivate healthier financial habits.
  • Schedule regular virtual or in-person financial wellness seminars on topics like retirement planning, managing expenses during inflation, budgeting, home purchasing and more.
  • Give your employees access to exclusive discounts on KeyBank checking, savings and lending accounts.

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