Bill Pay FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions on Bill Pay

Is there a charge to use Bill Pay?

No. Online Banking Bill Pay is free. Bill Pay is a great way to save on postage. Try our Bill Pay online demo. If you need to get a payment out ASAP, use our Pay it Faster1 option with same or next business day delivery date.

1 Fees apply.

I need to get a payment there ASAP, can you help?

Our expedited payment option is available for $9.95 with next business day delivery date.  You can expedite your payment by clicking the Pay it faster link after you select the Payee.
Note: Expedited Payments cannot be modified or cancelled.

Will my electronic expedited payment be applied immediately?

Electronic expedited payments are sent immediately. The payment may take up to a day to process, but will be backdated with the date you requested the expedited payment.

Why can't I see or edit my payee's address or phone number?

In some instances, you may not be able to edit the address information as KeyBank may already have a relationship with a payee and have the necessary billing information on file.

How can I make multiple payments at once?

Below your payee list, click on "Want to make more payments at a time?”. By selecting this option, it will become your default view. Note: You can switch back to paying one at a time and changing your default by clicking on “Want to make more payments at a time?“ again.

How do I setup an automatic payment?

To set up an auto-pay/recurring rule for the payee, select Options > Set up auto-pay.

How do I change or cancel a scheduled payment?

You have until 7pm ET on the day of the scheduled payment to cancel or modify it.

  1. Select the payment you want to change under the Payment Activity section at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Select Modify this payment or Cancel this payment
What is the difference between Auto Pay and Reminder?

The difference is:

  • Auto Pay allows you to schedule your payment to be automatically sent to the payee on the date you selected.
  • Reminder simply reminds you that a payment is due and needs to be scheduled. It does not send out a payment.
Where can I find if a payment is electronic or paper?

To find the payment delivery method:

  1. When scheduling a payment, the "Guaranteed By" date indicates the processing method:
    • 2 business days = electronic payment
    • 4 business days = paper check payment
  2. After your payment has been made, you can find the processing method either under Payment Type on the Confirmation screen OR on the Payment Detail screen after selecting the payment from the Payment Activity list.
On future dated payments, when will the money be withdrawn from my account?

Your available balance will reflect scheduled bill payments at the start of business on the day they are to be sent.

What are eBills?

eBills are a secure paperless way of receiving, viewing, and paying your bills online, in one place rather than visiting multiple sites. Eliminate writing and mailing checks which also helps the environment by reducing paper consumption. Each month, we'll notify you when your electronic bill is ready for viewing.

Note: eBills are only available for payees that offer online statements through their website.

Can I pay my eBill automatically?

Yes. you can set up to pay full balance, pay minimum amount due, etc. After completing setup, when an eBill arrives, your payment will automatically be scheduled and will appear in Payment Activity. Note: It is not required to set up payment rules to simply receive eBills in Bill Pay. To setup payment rules, select Options > Set up Auto-Pay >Set Auto-Pay in response to an eBill.

What do the eBills status notifications mean?

Your eBill status can be:

Want eBill?
This payee offers eBill
eBill Soon
A request for a new eBill has been made but not yet received
View eBill
eBill received. Your statement is available to view
eBill error!
There is a problem retrieving an eBill and requires your attention. Select Options > Action Needed
Action Needed  
Additional information regarding your eBill is needed
Why do different payees require different information to set up an eBill?

Each payee may require different identifying criteria based on the information needed during online enrollment on their website.

How can I view payment history for a payee?

There are a few ways:

  • Drag your mouse over the Payee's name in the Everyone I pay list. Select Options View Payment History. Note: If this option is not listed, there is no payment history available for this payee.
What is "Track your Balance"?

Track your Balance allows you to quickly view your projected account balances against pending and scheduled bill payments. It also provides easy access to modify or cancel scheduled payments.

What is the difference between a note and a memo?

A note is a message for your personal records and won't be sent with the payment. A memo is only available for paper check payments and will be viewable by the payee.

What internet browsers are supported for use with Bill Pay?

Our Bill Pay supports Internet Explorer (versions 8 and above), Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

If you are unsure of which version of Internet Explorer you have, you can go to Help> About Internet Explorer and this will show you the version you are currently using.

Bill Pay won’t load for me. What are some basic troubleshooting steps I can try?

Select the internet browser you are using below and follow the steps to troubleshoot.

Internet Explorer

Set Compatibility View:

  1. Go to your Tools (Keyboard shortcut: Alt + T) > Compatibility View Settings.
  2. Place a checkmark in the box next to ‘Display all websites in Compatibility View,’ then click ‘Close.’

Clear Cache:

  1. Go to Tools > Internet Options. In the ‘Browsing History’ section, click on the ‘Delete…’ button.
  2. Check only the boxes next to ‘Temporary Internet Files’ and ‘History,’ then click ‘Delete.’
  3. After it is done processing, close all open Internet Explorer windows and restart the browser.
  4. Sign on again

Mozilla Firefox

Clear cache:

  1. Go to your Tools (Keyboard shortcut: Alt + T) > Clear Recent History.
  2. In ‘Time range to clear,’ select > ‘Everything’ from the dropdown
  3. Check only the boxes next to ‘Browsing & Download History’ and ‘Cache,’ then click ‘Clear Now.’
  4. When the menu disappears, close all open Firefox windows and restart the browser.
  5. Sign on again

Google Chrome

Clear cache:

  1. Click on the wrench to bring up your Options (Keyboard shortcut: Alt + E) > Tools > Clear browsing data.
  2. In the dropdown next to ‘obliterate the following items from:’ choose ‘the beginning of time.’
  3. Check only the boxes next to ‘Clear browsing history’ and ‘Empty the cache.’
  4. Click ‘Clear browsing data.’
  5. When the menu disappears, close all open Chrome windows and restart the browser.
  6. Sign on again